white feather photography


We are pleased to announce that Caliente Catering has teamed up with the talented videographer, Rick Horn. He has traveled the world filming exotic weddings, events, and television shows. We have been honored to work with him and his team on a few magical projects. Should you be looking to add a videographer to your event please reach out to me for scheduling and pricing options.



For those of you who are serious about your coffee, then its time to meet your new favorite people. I've never met anyone more dedicated to their craft, and their flavors reflect that. If you are looking to add that top of the line touch to your event or meeting, without the top of the line price. 

They offer everything from hand crafted mocktails, to full barista catering at your event. Their energy and passion will add another level of excitement to your party.

Please reach out to us for scheduling and pricing options.